Everyone is welcome here, Tostaria is your home.

We opened the Tostaria in 2021 with the goal of fulfilling the dream of establishing a place for people.

You are welcome to enjoy fresh and delicious food in original flavors that will give you the best feeling in the world.

You are welcome to enjoy a drink after a day of work, during a break or on vacation,

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we will do our best to make you feel at home

Our place is open to everyone and welcomes everyone! Everyone is welcome here, Tostaria is your home..

We give you the heart and the soul, we will do whatever you feel at home.

At the foot of the Tatra Mountains in Poland, Shimon Pistreich was born in 1920, the only son of his parents Hannah and Israel.

Most of Shimon's family members became extinct under the feet of the Nazi oppressor, Shimon fled from house to house, from warehouse to warehouse and from one hiding place to another, living from food scraps and crops he found on the escape. In 1949, Shimon immigrated to Israel and eventually became the chef of the Dan Hotel in a cell where he worked for almost 40 years.

Shimon cooked with an Eastern European flavor with a combination of spiciness and authentic Mediterranean food, the days of the Holocaust and the shortage of immigrants to Israel taught Shimon that nothing can be made from gourmet delicacies. Simon bequeathed to his son the love of cooking and the love of Europe and its way of life.

In 2020 his son Ruby decided to leave his promised livelihood and birthplace and fulfill his father’s dream and dreams, cook for people and combine livelihood with love: love for food and drink, love for Portugal and love for people.

Hello, I'm Chef Ruby and I'm here to give you an experience and a smile.

Dear Father Shimon in your memory.

Hello, my name is Mark and I am the owner and bar man of the Tostaria.

I was born in the USSR and immigrated to Israel in 1991. All my childhood I grew up with Grandma Sarah, the "Babushka" who pampered and cooked.

A grandmother who grew up in the days of the Holocaust and in the days of scarcity treated food with reverence, and passed on to me the love and holiness of the field.

In 2020 I decided to move the center of my life to Portugal and do good to the people Grandma Sara, in your memory.

https://www.tostaria.pt/storage https://www.tostaria.pt/storage https://www.tostaria.pt/storage

We are here to give you a food experience.